Majora’s Mask remake for 3DS is still being made

Majora's Mask remake

Maybe it’s because Nintendo is too busy recuperating from their financial loss of $96.7 million to care, or simply because their cease and desist lawyer is on a prolonged holiday, but the fan remastering of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask has kept on trucking for two years now.

To celebrate the joyous miracle of not being shut down by the man, a video update was uploaded to the project’s YouTube channel today. In it, we are shown some very pretty assets constructed from the ground up by the lead artist, Pablo Belmonte.

The video update also appears to have been shot on a cell phone because we live in a topsy turvy world where screen-recording equipment doesn’t exist and Nintendo cares about fan projects.

Regardless of how compelling the content of the video appears to be, we all know it won’t ever see the light of day – at least not on the 3DS. However, as history has shown us, we will eventually see the fan project receive a cease and desist sometime before Nintendo decides to announce the inevitable official Majora’s Mask remake – but it’s remains uncertain as to why Nintendo appears to be taking their sweet time with dismantling the project’s hard work.