Marvel’s Ant-Man Movie Test Reel Footage Leaked and Analyzed

Article Header Ant Man Teaser Trailer Leaked

If you were lucky to attend the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, they you may have been one of the few lucky ones to see a test reel of the upcoming Marvel Comics movie, Ant Man which will be directed by Edgar Wright who gained major nerd credibility for bringing Scott Pilgrim VS. the World to the big screen.

One artist in the SDCC crowd with an amazing memory, story boarded out the entire scene and posted it on YouTube. This was the only thing on the internet that really showcased how cool an Ant-Man movie might be. Now some people were calling the footage a teaser trailer, but it was actually a concept trailer used by someone pitching a movie to studio executives to showcase various costumes, special FX and GCI. Check it out below.

For those unable to attend SDCC, the footage was once again shown to the public at a London The Best of BUG event on March 19th, 2013. Someone with a cell phone camera recorded the footage and posted it on YouTube. Faster than the Genie from Aladdin can grant a wish, the people over at Disney (parent company of Marvel Comics) took all the videos down due to copyright infringement. I was able to watch the video and I can say that the artist’s rendering from the above video is pretty accurate, but before it was taken down, I was able to collect a few screenshots. So if you watched the video above, you’ll be able to follow along with the action. Bear in mind that the quality is not the greatest, but you get a great glimpse of what Edgar Wright  is possibly intending to do.

(UPDATE) found an animated gif that shows all the action in color.


Here is the breakdown:

Ant Man Teaser image 1

Dr. Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man has infiltrated some sort of headquarters. Unknown if this is S.H.I.E.L.D. or some random bad guys. You see Hank sneaking in the air ducts.

Ant Man Teaser image 2

 Oh wait, the bad guys guarding  the door are the Men in Black. I wonder if Will Smith will be in this movie.

Ant Man Teaser image 3

Still in his shrunken form, Hank leaps from the air vent.

Ant Man Teaser image 4

Hank lands on his feet. This is the first real big glimpse of the costume. Notice, unlike the comic, his helmet completely covers his face. This may be only because an actor has not yet been cast.

Ant Man Teaser image 5

Hank runs his tiny little legs down the hallway.

Ant Man Teaser image 6

The Guards don’t see anything. Maybe they shouldn’t wear sunglasses inside.

Ant Man Teaser image 7

“Hey Bob, did you catch last night game? I can’t believe the Yankees won the Stanley Cup by kicking that field goal.”

Ant Man Teaser image 8

With a flash of light, Hank grows to normal size in an instant. This may be a fantastic tactic to stun would be foes like a flash grenade.

Ant Man Teaser image 9

Hank is now large and in charge.

Ant Man Teaser image 10

The bad guys draw their guns.

Ant Man Teaser image 11

To avoid getting shot, Hank begins his transformation back to being mini-Hank.

Ant Man Teaser image 12

The whole camera zoom in of the transformation was in slow motion to show the world enlarging.

Ant Man Teaser image 13

Hank is now jumped onto the barrel of the gun running towards the bad guys.

Ant Man Teaser image 14

See that little black dot to the left? That’s Hank. This really shows size perspective.

Ant Man Teaser image 15

Ka-Plow! Hank punches the guard with the same strength of being large. I guess ants really are super strong.

Ant Man Teaser image 16

The guard falls back and hits the elevator call button.

Ant Man Teaser image 17

The other guard is caught off guard and his buddy is now on the floor.

Ant Man Teaser image 18

Hank bounces off the first guard, rebounds off the wall and punched the second guard in the chest.

Ant Man Teaser image 19

Hank isn’t done with bad guy #2. He grabs his tie and leaps over his shoulder.

Ant Man Teaser image 20

Now on the guard’s back, Hank starts to transform back into large size amongst a flash of light.

Ant Man Teaser image 21

Another shot of Hank growing behind the guards back,

Ant Man Teaser image 22

Now back to regular size, Hank does a Kung Fu flip move on Guard #2.

Ant Man Teaser image 23

The guard is sent flying towards the window.

Ant Man Teaser image 24

Glass shattering all over the place as the guard crashes through.

Ant Man Teaser image 25

Hank stands up and admires his handy work. You get a really good look at the back of the helmet.

Ant Man Teaser image 26

Hank then turns his head as the elevator dings to signal the doors opening.

Ant Man Teaser image 27

The elevator is empty.

Ant Man Teaser image 28

Hank exits the hallway into the elevator.

Ant Man Teaser image 29

Hank pushes the button of the elevator. It’s unknown what floor he is going to. We can all assume up since bad guy masterminds have their offices on the top floor.

Ant Man Teaser image 30

As the elevator doors close, another flash of light and Hank disappears.

Ant-Man is scheduled to hit theaters November 6, 2015. The screenplay will be written by Joe Cornish who penned Attack the Block and The Adventures of Tin Tin and based on the character created by the legendary Jack Kirby.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see an Ant-Man movie hit the big screen? What do you think of the costume? Can Disney, Marvel and Edgar Wright do the character justice? Let us know in the comments below what you think.