Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Impressions

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo

With Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance just a few weeks from release, gamers were treated with a public demo on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network stores. I’ve been anxious to try this game out I was there ready to get my hands (figuratively) on this demo day one. After playing this giant filled, though short demo I have decided to split this article up into the good, bad and ugly of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The Good:


Rising is set a few years after the end of Metal Gear solid 4 and (Spoiler Alert!) with the Sons of the Patriots gone, the world’s technology advancements have skyrocketed and PMCs are taking to the practice of cybornetic use. Raiden is apart of a PMC group, but their goal is to protect rather than detain and harm compared to the rest of the game’s PMC groups. Even though the game is being developed by Platinum Games, there is still that small sense of Kojima storytelling during the opening cutscene and later ones as well.



Combat in MGR:R is fast and brutal. Raiden can handle standard foot soldiers without any trouble (sometimes its laughably unfair), but the A.I is no pushover as well. Given the chance, the A.I can dodge and block incoming attacks, making MGR:R less of a button masher and more of a somewhat skill based hack n’ slash game. As another interesting note, when the player presses the left or right d-pad, they bring up  a menu that has slots for health items, temporary weapons (grenades etc.) and a slot for Raiden’s High Frequency Blade. This means that Raiden may get newer weapons as the game goes on.

More fun than it looks.
More fun than it looks.

Blade Mode:

One innovative feature is the Blade Mode mechanic during gameplay that allows Raiden to slow down time (if the meter is full enough) and execute increased accurate blade cutting attacks on either inanimate objects or any enemy in the game. As shown during early gameplay trailers its still fun to mess around and cut up objects in the environment  as well as enemies.

The Bad:

Steep Learning Curve:

For a hack n’ slash, MGR:R takes some getting used to even for veterans of the genre. Its not the game’s fast pace that’s the issue, its that MGR:R is a very technical hack n’ slash game that even though most novice players can get by for a while by button mashing, for players to make it far in the game, they will have to learn to stay very active (maneuvering) during combat as well as memorizing enemy attacks and movements.


Blade Mode Issues:

While Blade Mode is fun, its not something that can be easily used at first. Even when players do get used to how Blade Mode should be properly set up during combat, there is still the tendency to move in the wrong direction starting up Blade Mode and not fully use attacks. Blade Mode requires players to use the left stick to move Raiden’s direction while using the right stick to execute blade swings. Some may have to get used to how to swing the blade. However, since the right stick has to be fully moved in whichever direction the player suggests in order to swing Raiden’s blade, it leads to some difficult situations. Its not difficult for single, spaced out swings, but when the player either needs multiple consecutive swings having to fully pull the right stick in a direction can sometimes become cumbersome.

Metal Gear rising revengeance parry

The Ugly:

The Parry System:

In a hack n’ slash game, players like to feel in full control of their character whether their on offense or defense, but the defense game for MGR:R either needs to change or needs serious work. With the parry system, players must time a forward analog movement plus square or “X” button press right before an enemy attacks in order to parry or just block an upcoming attack. Even though enemies give off a color cue right before they attack, while its not that much of a problem to parry regular foot soldiers, Gecko’s, however, just make the parry system feel broken. I understand that maybe this parry system was put into the game to keep the momentum going because of the game’s speed, but I would personally rather see a dodge roll implemented instead.

Even with its faults, MGR:R looks to be a nice and different Metal Gear experience that most fans have been waiting for ever since Grey Fox appeared in the world. With fast and fun but flawed gameplay, an interesting Blade Mode mechanic, and a story set after Metal Gear solid 4, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is shaping to be another good entry into the franchise. I just hope that maybe some of the issues  can be addressed before launch.