Mionix Sargas 900 Gaming Surface Review

Are you in the market for a new gaming surface? Are you a complete noob even to the concept of a gaming surface, much like myself? Is your mouse pad curling up like a flimsy burrito and a massive pain the butt when you’re trying to get your PC gaming on? Give the Mionix Sargas 900 gaming surface a shot.

I almost can’t believe I’ve gone my whole (gaming) life without one of these things. I’ve always been one of the perpetual users of your typical, plain, cheap mouse pad. It’s always just “done the job” and I never really saw the purpose of trying anything else out, until I had the chance to try out my very first gaming surface courtesy of Mionix. The Sargas 900 series is a whopping size of 900mm x 320mm and  2mm in thickness with a supersmooth microfiber surface and incredibly durable rubber backing; perfect for the PC gamer out there who wants to take a step up from a typical mouse pad. With an uncoated/semi-rigid quality, this product is optimal for LED-optical & laser use. On a side note, I really hope none of you are still gaming on a mouse with a ball in it.

When my surface arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed simply by the packaging. For being such a large item, the box that it came in was impressively small, but sturdy, and included all of the specs right on the side. I would recommend actually keeping the box it came in if you ever plan on taking your surface with you anywhere, since the product doesn’t include any way of  transporting it if you were to get the notion to take it with you to your friend’s house, events, etc. With it being such a flexible surface, I wouldn’t advise stuffing something like this into your backpack.

‘Top view of the Mionix Sargas 900 gaming surface.’

Out of the box, I decided to give the Sargas 900 some Starcraft abuse. I figured a fast-paced RTS like this would be a good test of how well the surface reacted to all of my movements. Overall, it did work well with my mouse flying all over the place and my speed-clicking. My mouse glided very smoothly all over the surface without catching anywhere, and with being such a large surface, I never had to worry if I was about to click myself off of it and onto my desk instead like I do so many times with a standard mouse pad. When playing a PC game, the  last thing you should have to do is take your focus off of the game to mess with your accessories or wonder where your mouse is drifting off to. As far as picking up all of my various mouse movements, the Sargas 900 really lives up to the challenge.

“We saw tracking issues that many professional gamers experienced, which lead to bad  accuracy when moving the mouse very quickly in games. In most cases the issue was not created by the sensor solution in the gaming mouse, but instead was due to the users bad quality gaming surface which are not optimized for the gaming grade sensors used today.” says Peter Nygren, CEO at Mionix AB.

These issues are what drove Mionix to create their mouse pads with the serious gamers in mind. All-in-all, the Sargas 900 handled my fast gameplay very well.

‘Up close and personal with the rubber underside of the Sargas 900.’

Now, for the fun part…

I took the liberty of getting my surface a little dirty to see how it holds up. I did the unthinkable and committed a “nerd foul” by spilling my Mt. Dew on it and throwing it into my washing machine to see if the whole thing would come apart. After a wash in a gentle cycle, and a good air-dry, I’m happy to report that my Sargas 900 is a survivor of my abuse. That’s more than I can say about what’s happened before when I’ve washed previous standard mouse pads that I’ve owned. Typically, the top layer has a tendency to run away from the scene of the crime. With this surface, it was as good as new. The durability alone is well worth spending a few bucks more than what you would spend on a simple mouse pad.

Another thing I like to look for when spending money on my gaming arsenal is what kind of warranty the company offers. With Mionix, the warranty is fair. Your product is covered for one year and applies toward manufacturer defects. This is pretty standard and expected, so not really much of a surprise. The good part is that if there does happen to be a defect when you receive your product, they do replace it with a brand new product. In other words, if you decide to wipe your butt with your mouse pad, don’t expect sympathy (or a refund/replacement) from Mionix. Like anything else you would purchase, treat it with proper care and you should get a long life out of it.

Overall, the Mionix Sargas 900 serves its purpose, can take a beating and some drink spillage, and is available at a decent amount of retailers at a good price. My only gripe about this product is the fact that it’s just not practical for travel. If you can live with leaving your Sargas 900 at home, you’ll still manage to own a good piece of gaming gear.

The Mionix Sargas 900 is available through multiple retailers with MSRP of $29.99. It’s a fair price for a great product. When you check out their website, don’t forget to browse their numerous other products, as well.


[Submitted by contributor Nikki Wells]