Mortal Kombat X Announced for Previous and Current-Gen Consoles

mortal kombat logo

Yes, the next installment in the bone-shattering, neck-snapping, head-squishing fighter saga has been revealed for a 2015 release. With the announcement comes a cinematic trailer showcasing a variety of features we can expect to see in the game such as character-specific weapons, interactive environments, and no shortage of gore. Watch as Scorpion and Sub-Zero duke it out while underscored with questionably fitting music.

According to the announcement blurb, the game is “Fueled by next-gen technology,” which is rather confusing since it’s slated for the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Maybe they’re just tossing around buzzwords to sound fancy.

In any event, Mortal Kombat 9 was a hell of a lot of fun with a pretty engaging story to boot. If NetherRealm can follow up that act with Mortal Kombat X, then I think we’re in store for yet another gruesomely delicious bloodbath. And here’s to hoping that Noob Saibot makes it into the top tier this time around!