New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Revealed

Final Fantasy XV

On February 7th, Sony uploaded a new gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy XV to their Japanese PlayStation YouTube channel. I use the term “new gameplay” loosely, as it seems that the new content is dispersed across gameplay that we have already seen. The footage shows new perspectives from the colossal Leviathan battle that was first shown at E3 2013 and showcases the game’s departure from the classic turn-based formula akin to Final Fantasy games.

First revealed as Final Fantasy Versus XIII back in 2006, there had been a slow trickle of information up until its re-christening in 2013, fueling rumors that the game had been cancelled. A recent internal release schedule had previously been sent out, causing rumors that the game was set to release before the end of 2014, along with Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix was quick to dispel these rumors by stating that these dates were mere placeholders and that their projected release window remains to be advised. Until that time, we just have to wait for more news.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is set to release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

[Written by Contributor Neil Scanlon]