News | TellTale’s Game of Thrones gets first trailer and cast listing

After a couple of lame teasers for TellTale’s take on the Game of Thrones series, we finally receive our first proper look at the game in the form of…yet another teaser trailer. The episodic game series will be broken up into six episodes, with the first dropping sometime this year, and will feature thirteen major characters from the HBO rendition of George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series.

In a dramatic fashion suitable for the source material, these characters are being announced exclusively through various online publications. So far the twelve announced are:

  1. Lord Gregor Forrester, Lord of Ironrath
  2. Lady Elissa Forrester, Lord Forrester’s wife
  3. Ethan Forrester, Lord Forrester’s third-born son
  4. Talia Forrester, Lord Forrester’s youngest daughter
  5. Rodrik Forrester, Lord Forrester’s first-born son
  6. Ser Royland Degore, Ironrath’s Master-at-Arms
  7. Asher Forrester, exiled son of Lord Forrester
  8. Ryon Forrester, Lord Forrester’s fourth-born son
  9. Maester Ortengryn, maester to House Forrester
  10. Gared Tuttle, squire to Lord Forrester
  11. Duncan Tuttle, castellan of Ironrath
  12. Malcolm Branfield, Lady Forrester’s brother

[List via Polygon]