Nintendo Announces the 2DS, Coming This October

2DSAlong with announcing a much needed price drop for their ailing Wii U console, Nintendo this morning has announced the 2DS, a cheaper version of the 3DS hardware aimed at younger audiences that cannot enjoy the 3DS’s 3D features. The system will launch on October 12th, alongside the much anticipated Pokemon X and Y, and will retail for $130.

Count this one in the same category as the Game Boy Micro for historic Nintendo headscratchers. It’s good to see them get a cheaper form factor out there for parents of young Pokemon trainers, but everything else about the device is so peculiar. It goes back to a square form factor not seen since the days of the original Digivice shaped Game Boy Advance, and it doesn’t fold into a clamshell, making it easier to damage its screens then the more “adult friendly” 3DS. Also interestingly, this device isn’t currently planned to be released in Japan. If nothing else, this only solidifies where Nintendo’s true focus lies in the coming generation.