Nintendo Releasing New Health Platform in 2015-16


It looks like Nintendo will be bringing out a new platform, though it’s not quite what most people would have in mind. It’s a platform for health and will be focusing on non-wearable monitoring technology, which doesn’t sound too far removed from the Wii Balance Board. With this new platform, we very well could see the comeback of the Wii Vitality Sensor.

Considering the recent poor health of Nintendo’s stock and President Satoru Iwata’s 50% pay cut, it’s not surprising that they would consider branching out into more than just video games. Who knows, maybe it will do well for them like Wii Fit, where everybody purchases one and nobody ever uses it.

Details are scarce on it, though apparently it’s not something you will only be using in the living room. We should expect to hear more before March 2016.

[Written by Contributor Sam Howitt]