NoScope “Demon Series” Gaming Glasses Review

Dustin Triplett NoScope

I have a long history with GUNNAR Optiks’ gaming glasses. I own and frequently use both the Vinyl for extensive computer time and the PPK while gaming. To date, I’m still not 100% positive if all of the promised features work for everyone, but my eyes certainly thank them. However, my wallet didn’t. This is where NoScope enters the fray. With the promise of everything GUNNAR does but without the high price tag, NoScope offers an affordable alternative that proves you don’t have to break the bank for good gaming eyewear.

The particular glasses sent to us for review were from NoScope’s initial “Demon Series.” NoScope promises that these glasses will reduce eye-strain and improve contrast during sessions of gaming and computer usage. After alternating between NoScope and GUNNAR glasses for a week, I can honestly say that I could not tell a difference between NoScope and GUNNAR’s lenses. That’s astounding considering the minuscule price of $20.

NoScope Gaming Glasses

The lens are easily the high point of the glasses, as the structure itself falls flat in comparison to the alternatives available. While lightweight, comfortable, and seemingly waterproof, I wouldn’t call them durable. They very well may be, but they still feel and look cheap, resulting in the “you get what you pay for” mentality. In fact, I’ve seen glasses at dollar stores that felt more durable than NoScope glasses, but that doesn’t effect their performance.

The truth of the matter is, extensive computer and gaming usage can lead to strained eyes, fatigue, and headaches, among other things. In the modern age, our eyes are constantly glued to a screen in some way or another. NoScope glasses do combat this. They do what they are supposed to do and what your eyes are in desperate need of.

At the moment, NoScope’s selection is limited to only the “Demon Series,” which is the first series I’ve seen than that only consists of a single entry. Unfortunately, unlike GUNNAR, NoScope glasses are not offered in prescription. They are also only offered in a single size, so they will fit differently according to the wearer. On myself, they fit perfectly. However, on some of the other people I’ve allowed to wear them, they found the glasses to be too loose, too tight, and even cause discomfort. Luckily, NoScope offers a 100% money back guarantee.


All NoScope glasses ship with a microfiber cleaning cloth and carrying pouch, which are both a nice touch, considering the price. Though, I found the carrying pouch to have a strong smell and greasy feel to it. It won’t affect the glasses on the inside, but I would recommend tossing the pouch and using a more durable case instead.

NoScope does offer an extremely affordable alternative to GUNNAR gaming glasses, but at the cost of quality. If you don’t care about the looks and the structural integrity of what you put on your face, then you should pick up a pair of NoScope gaming glasses to protect your eyes and enhance your gaming experience. They really do work, and I cannot stress that enough. However, if you can afford to go the extra mile with the desire of looking “cool” while wearing them, then it’s hard to suggest NoScope over other manufacturers on the market. If anything, the current “Demon Series” could be viewed as an entry point for skeptics of the benefits of gaming glasses; an affordable way to test the waters of gaming glasses without diving in head first. The “Demon Series” is a valiant first effort by NoScope in an attempt to make gaming glasses more affordable. If they take the current crop of issues into consideration, GUNNAR Optiks will have some serious competition.


Second Opinion

While I haven’t been using my pair of GUNNAR Optiks as long as Dustin has, after our fantastic interview with them and Dustin’s own recommendation, I picked up a pair after starting a job that has me staring at multiple monitors 8-12+ hours a day in addition to what I already do for Geekenstein and my leisure activity. The opportunity for NoScope to be the much cheaper alternative to them seems like a brilliant idea, and in a sense it is.

NoScope’s “Demon Series” does exactly what is advertised. They reduce eye strain and provide a greater contrast in digital imagery. Just like a pair of $10 Walmart sunglasses do the same thing that a pair of $80 Oakleys do. And just like those sunglasses, you can expect the NoScopes to be less sleek and sexy looking while doing it. I can’t help but encourage anyone who looks at a screen all day to get a pair of these type of glasses, and if price is a factor NoScopes are definitely for you, just don’t expect to look great doing it.

David Rhinehart, Editor-in-Chief