Nuts and Bolts Episode 12 – Try and Defend Microsoft


This week we discuss the impending Xbox announcement. Terrence seems to be the only one who thinks that the 720 or Infinite or whatever it’s going to be called is worth the asking price, so why is everyone else so down on it?

David Rhinehart – @Zanthis

Terrence Billingsley – @Xx334xX

Marco Villalpando – @BoxingMarco

Dan Connor – @SangeTalks

  • Okay so maybe I worded it wrong on the podcast but let me just make it known, even if the next xbox gets 2 or 3 or more exclusives that I like i’ll probably only buy it towards the end of the console life cycle or maybe even a little earlier depending on my financial situation:)

  • Huge props to the cast but especially to Terrence for being brave enough
    to appear on the cast. I just want to hug you because you stutter but
    you don’t give an F that you stutter and that is awesome! :)