Nuts and Bolts: Episode 6 – Wiiner Touchers

In this episode, the boys are all back together after Thanksgiving to talk about the Wii U, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Epic Mickey, and crockpots!

Craig Kandiko – @Batman5273 on Twitter
Dustin Triplett – @DustinTriplett on Twitter
David Rhinehart – @Zanthis on Twitter

Terrence Billingsley – @Xx334xX aka @xXAnnoyingUsernamePimpDaddyXx on Twitter

  • My username is not annoying and you ALL will grow to like or love or tolerate it just as I have!!!!!!!!!

  • Chicken Paprikash is delicious. My grandma who is hungarian makes it all the time, but we do it without the sour cream so it is more of a chicken stew. So good.