Nuts and Bolts: The 2012 Hermans Award Special


Welcome to the first of what will become an annual tradition. The Hermans, Geekenstein’s very own yearly award show is a two-part special. You may have already read our staff article with our winners, but now you get to listen to us debate them to the death on this very special episode of Nuts and Bolts! This episode is broken up into four categories – comics, movies, TV, and video games.  This one is long, so grab a bucket of pop-corn and listen to the sweet voices of your favorite staff and contributors call each other names in the only award show on the Internet that truly matters.

Craig Kandiko – @Batman5273 on Twitter
David Rhinehart – @Zanthis on Twitter
Dustin Triplett – @DustinTriplett on Twitter

Joe Marino –  @JoeMarino112 on Twitter
Marco Vallalpando – @BoxingMarco on Twitter
Terrence Billingsley – @Xx334xX on Twitter
Josh Rios – @Joshochos on Twitter
Connor Johnston

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