One Ugly Xbox One to Rule Them All


The Xbox One isn’t even out yet, but we already have an abundance of reasons to hate it. Besides rubbing gamers the wrong way because of its $500 price tag, forced Kinect, and the resurrecting of Hitler, the Xbox One has ascended into a level of cross-promotion I haven’t seen so horribly done since Halo 3’s aggressive “Piss” Fuel campaign.

Now, I love Mountain Dew. I see no problem with a Mountain Dew promotional console, per se, but whoever was in charge of designing this tripe deservers thirty lashings and their degree in graphic design revoked. And just when you think it couldn’t get worse…


Ah! Look at that monstrosity! Oh, wait. That’s just a Nascar. They are supposed to look like drivable billboards of graphical tactlessness.