PAX East 2013: Photos from the Show Floor

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From March 22-24  Gamers, Cosplayers, Vendors, and Exhibitors gathered at the Boston Convention Center for PAX East 2013.  Major game studios like Epic Games, Ubisoft, Twisted Pixel and others not only showed off their latest and upcoming games, but others like Gearbox and Capcom made huge announcements. If you were not one of the tens of thousands who attended, we took some pics from the show floor to show you what you missed.


 Immediately when you walked into the convention center, attendees were welcomed by a huge animatronic display for the game Fire Fall. The piston moved up and down and billowed smoke. The speakers in the display deafened the crowd with sounds of engines and buzzers.


The booth models gave away posters and beta codes away for the game. If you want to walk away with a ton of free stuff, PAX East is a convention to go to.


As you take the escalator down, the first thing you’d run into is the Twitch TV booth. Throughout the show, they would entertain the crowds with a big screen jumbo-tron playing game tournament, interviews and gameplay footage.


One game tournament on display and being live streamed online for Twitch TV was Kick Dive, a game with only two buttons that perform two functions. If you guessed that one button was “kick” and the other was “dive” you’d be correct.


Games on display were Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, and Army of Two III. The Mega 64 guys were there too.


Machinima, Epic Games’ Gears of War Judgment, and League of Legends booths.


All three years I have attended PAX East, the League of Legends booth was always one of the busiest and most chaotic as it’s constantly filled by rabid fans. Here a live tournament for cash and prizes was entertaining the crowd complete with color commentary.


One of the absolutely realistic looking League of Legends display statues. A lot of people and cosplayers used her as a photo opportunity.


A lot of game companies like Ubisoft, Square Enix and Deep Silver showed off past, present, and future games off with elaborate booths. Consensus was that Ubisoft was the most disappointing booth with no playable games. Instead they just had videos for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and the new Splinter Cell game. But you could check out games in the area like Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, Deus Ex, and Dead Island Riptide.


Many people took pics with the life sized Sam Fisher statue.


At the Capcom booth, players could check out Remember Me, Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil and the new Monster Hunter. The absolutely huge reveal was a new an improved DuckTales HD reboot. The game had all the greatness of the classic Nintendo game, but looked like a playable cartoon. DuckTales was one of the biggest topic of conversation at the show.


For those looking for a little romance, PopCap Games was giving away free smooches from the undead. In their carnival themed playground, PopCap had a magician and carnival games to promote all their video games. PopCap was probably the number one booth to go to free free stuff. You could leave with a ton of toys, figures, hats, and water bottles from games like Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies and Zuma Blitz. But to get the really awesome prizes, attendees stood in line to test their strength by trying to ring a bell with a sledge hammer.


PAX East is not all about video games. Some attendees come for the card, miniature and table top games. One vendor booth showcased their amazing furniture. This particular table had drawers for storage and had a top to protect your figures and buildings, but then could be transformed to look like a regular table for functionality.

Here are some more pictures we took.

Did you attend PAX East 2013? What were your favorite booths? Did you meet some geeky celebrities?Were you sad that your favorite game wasn’t present? Did spend your time with friends playing Cards Against Humanity or check out the free arcades? What panels did you attend? Tell us your PAX East stories in the comments below!

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