PC Games Rising From The Dead!: Ravaged and Forge Updated With Massive Patches


This screenshot is from Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse, a newly patched version of Ravaged, an apocalyptic multiplayer FPS that previously had no zombies in it. Obviously, this was a problem since Ravaged is a video game released in the 2010s, so the developers have seen fit to add a zombie based survival mode to it. In theory, this is also a bid to create more interest in the game and fill those empty servers, although how adding zombies to something in 2013 generates more than sighs and head shaking is beyond me.

In more interesting news, or perhaps more sad depending on your perspective, the arena combat game Forge has gone Free To Play. The game got through Steam Greenlight and was released 9 months ago to a muted response. Despite this, the developers have been releasing a steady stream of updates, and one hopes that giving the game away for free and selling hats TF2 style will generate a small player base. I was interested in the game back when it cost money, but could never find a single match to play beyond the tutorial. Take that as you will.