Play as Michael Myers in Upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC

Michael Myers COD DLC Activision has confirmed that Michael Myers will be a playable character in the upcoming Onslaught DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts – but there’s a catch. The only way to dawn the mask of the iconic horror character is to find and complete a rare field order. Once found, you will transform into Mr. Myers and gain the ability to attack your foes with an axe, exclusively on the pack’s new map, Fog. As well as changing the aesthetic, the music also transforms into the Halloween theme to make sure the enemy knows they are in a whole lot of trouble.

Along with these features, the DLC also comes with three other competitive multiplayer maps and the first of four episodes in Ghost’s new co-op mode, Extinction. And last but not least, a brand new gun will be introduced, titled the “Maverick.” It is a mix between an assault and sniper rifle with a wooden stock.

Onslaught will be released January 28th.

[Written by Contributor Parker Kramer]

  • PimpADilly

    Michael Myers is a popular player created multiplayer game. People have been playing it since MW and MW2. This is not jumping the shark.

    • JohnClark_R6

      Was going to say the same thing. Been playing Michael Myers since Rainbow 6 Days.

    • The Dude

      How is Michael Myers a popular multiplayer game? It’s cool that COD is doing it, but I’ve never in my life seen that game mode before, and I play a lot of video games.

      • TheRoosh

        I’ve seen gameplay called “Michael Meyers” on YouTube. I’ve never played, but I believe it is a custom mode you can create in game via rule settings and weapon choices.