Pornographic Images Found on Child’s 3DS

3DS Porn

A man named Tom Mayhew recently gave his 8-year-old son a 3DS for Christmas. Not a bad purchase – it’s great for road trips and has a variety of family-friendly titles available. However, the photos saved on the system were not so appropriate.

Some of the children in the house began to take pictures of themselves with the 3DS’s built-in camera, but upon opening the images file, they were confronted by several sexual images dated for early December.

“It was a shocker because we had family here, and there were a lot of kids here, the kids were the ones that discovered those pictures,” Mayhew said. “There is no reason for them to even really be on there.”

The 3DS was purchased used at Wal-Mart after the dates on the pictures, so it is believed that Wal-Mart failed to clear the previous user data.

Despite the strangeness of this incident, this is not a first time occurrence. Last December, Gamestop sold a system with 9 graphic images on it to a Colorado resident, who later gave the system to his 5-year old son.

[Written by Contributor Parker Kramer]