Post-Hype Reviews – Dead Space 3

Welcome to the pilot of Post-Hype Reviews, potentially our new video series where we take a step back and analyze the lead up and critical response to certain titles and give an overall impression of them from a point past all of the hype. This is the pilot, so please let us know what you think of the idea and format n the comments below so we know if we should make any more of them.

Visceral changed the formula in Dead Space 3 by creating a more action oriented game and introducing a co-op mechanic. Many fans were quite angry and reviews fluctuated. Did these changes negatively impact the franchise, or did they simply create a different but great experience?

-Editor’s Note: This was a pilot for a new review video series last year that we somehow never got around to publishing. We have a few odds and ends like this in our catalog that we’ll put up on slower days like this. If you like it, or the following entry we will post later, let us know and we’ll make more.