Random Assault 117: “Southie of the Border”

RA Episode 117
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This week on Random Assault, we talk about dance games, music games, and other games that require some form of rhythm!  Even more nuts is that everyone actually CARES! He talks about an In the Groove tournament he entered (think hardcore DDR), and the new craze that will hopefully soon be sweeping the nation: Neon FM! Alex talks about his adventures in Southie, Matt discusses his hatred of The Fifth Element but his love of House, (no, not THAT House), and no one makes a Halo reference! Hooraaaay!

Mitch talks about a DDR tournament he entered because he’s Mitch. OF COURSE he plays this type of game!

South Boston! …Yaaaaay?

Stare at this picture for as long as you can before your eyeballs start to corrode! I can only last 6 seconds! New world record!

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