Random Assault Episode 127: “The Wolf Among Us on Wall Street”

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Spelling mistake brought to you by Random Assault’s own Alex Cabral who never passed second grade. No gold stars.

This week on Random Assault, we are joined by Trevor Stricker of Disco Pixel (creators of Jungle Rumble), and formerly of Smilebit and Visual Concepts! We go over Trevor’s history in the games industry, the trials and tribulations that he went through to get there, and the games he’s working on now! We also talk about The Wolf Among Us, and mention how you could possibly get a Random Assault Episode 100 banner poster!

Also, check out Disco Pixel’s stuff here. They work hard; they play hard.

Trevor Stricker joins us this week! He used to work at Smilebit, which made a buncha games you might have heard of like Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon Orta, and NBA 2K.
Matt’s been playing The Wolf Among Us, escaping reality by becoming an angry, bitter, hairy man.
Did you contribute an auditory congratulations to us for Episode 100? Then you can receive a poster print of the Episode 100 banner! Listen to the show for details!

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