Random Assault 144: “Trigger Warning”

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This week on Random Assault, we buckle down and tackle the important issues of the day. I hope you’re not tired of GamerGate yet, because it absolutely dominates this entire show. One Minor Assault episode was not enough to confine this controversial giant of a topic! Grease up your non-gender-specific poopers.


Okay, to be fair, only about the first half hour or so is about GamerGate.  We even get into what offends us or what makes us feel uncomfortable and WHY it’s okay to still make jokes and enjoy life.There’s more to be had here, but with the way the internet works, everyone will still be mad at the GamerGate stuff long into the other content. Have fun.


As always, click the above link to be whisked away to our Faecbook page, where you can talk to us about your thoughts on the GamerGate scandal. Kate will be more than happy to field your questions. Trust me. And if you’d like to let us know how offended you are by the content of our show, we’d be happy to verbally abuse you to no end.