Random Assault 3-Pack Episodes 147, 148 & 149

In hopes of catching up on the backlogged episodes here on Geekenstein, we’re dishing out packs of three episodes at a time until we’re caught up. Listen to them on your commutes, during your long work days, or relaxing in an exotic, candle-lit bathtub surrounded by your favorite burning incense. This batch will get you the insight of the life of a sound desinger, over-observant fandom, and a true look into a big name in the GamerGate battle. Remember: You can always check out the full landing pages at randomassaultpodcast.com.

147 Banner

 This week on Random Assault, we are joined by sound designer and part-time voice actor Sean Weiland. Ever wonder what the sound of vomitting through a glass coffe table actually SOUNDS like? Well, we hit Sean with the real questions at hand like that and many more as he takes us through an audible tour around his game Steam-A-Lot: Epoch’s Journey which you can find on Steam GreenLight. He also talks about his voice acting work on Young Avengers Live in which he voices Speedball. There’s a lot of content here. It’s one of our longest regular episodes for a reason.

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This week on Random Assault, we’re joined by a flurry of guests! Kori sits in with Mitch again, and the long-awaited appearance of RA superfans TURbo and Chris Ott! The guys jerk each other off with quotes and exerpts from the RA Wiki, (lovingly run by TURbo), then they argue about Sonic games and we get the final chapter of The Saga of Flabslapper. Oh, and two contests are announced! Be sure to listen til the third segment to find out how to win Steamalot: Epoch’s Journey, and FLCL on DVD!

149 Banner

This week on Random Assault, Nick Robalik of Sombrero fame is here with us to talk ethics, game design, and which foods are likely to kill you. Speaking of foods, Mitch talks about eating bald eagles and how he’s responsible for bringing a child into this earth (and it’s not in the way you’re thinking.) Also, a guy who was on fire ordered water from a Taco Bell. Because. This one’s packed to the gills with content, so enjoy!


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