Random Assault Episode 110 – “You Can Play This”

Banner 110

In this episode, as if it wasn’t obvious by the banner, we take a somber moment to remember Justin “JewWario” Carmical, who was an awesome dude and someone very important to Random Assault. Don’t worry, it’s not all tears and mourning, we just wanted to pay tribute. We also talk about import games that you can play (in the spirit of his show) and we also go way too far down the “foreign versions of Sesame Street” rabbit hole.

Get lost in nostalgia with us! Or at the very least, a 640×480 animated maze.
You can play this! (And it’s really fun, too!)
Sesame Street decided it was going to flee the country and re-invent itself a few times.
MC  HaroldCrayon
Here’s proof that the horrifying Harold and the Purple Crayon stage play that we mention in this episode actually exists.
We love him, but WHAT IS BRAK EVEN


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