Random Assault Episode 138 – “It FIGures”

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This week on Random Assault, Matt, Alex and Mitch, as well as quite a few guests, pile into Alex’s sweaty, fuckin’ bedroom to talk about the Boston Festival of Indie Games! It devolves into the usual Random-Assault-branded malarkey, but this episode is triple-stuffed with interviews from the exhibitors at FIG! Also Matt makes Alex’s action figures fuck. Cause, you know… PRESS!

A lot of the talking parts of this episode is complete and utter nonsense at it’s finest. But if you aren’t one to want and sit through a bunch of exhausted idiots, clicking the picture above will take you the Random Assault Youtube channel where most of the interviews are located as a playlist.

But don’t forget to visit some of the other pages made for the interviews on Geekenstein itself. I mean, you’re already here anyway, right? Here are a few more:

Thief Town
Blood Alloy



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