Random Assault Episode 139: “A Fistful of Nickels”

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This week on Random Assault, we have a stripper on the show. Yep, we’ve gone full Howard Stern here, folks. So we end up taking your questions about being a stripper, and also talk about J/O crystals, driving through New York City with Matt in the car, and whether or not we would eat human. So, you know, all sexy stuff.

Everyone, please get your singles ready and put your hands together for COOOoooOOOOKIE!! Click the image for her Tumblr


Two great tastes that probably taste awkward together. Damn you for invading our pure virgin land, Nippon!

I’ll give it to him, he said it correctly.

We also talk a fair bit about cannibalism on this episode, so here’s a picture of a pizza for some delectable dissonance.


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