Random Assault Episode 140: “The Blunder Down Under”

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This week on Random Assault, we’re joined by Luke “TotalMortalKombat” Cunningham! We talk shit on Mike Matei, discuss racier aspects in games such as bare tits and rape, and then Alex and TMK blast you all with a firehose full of Mortal Kombat X jizz like angry cops at a peace rally. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in this extra-size episode!

Also, check out all of Total Mortal Kombat’s stuff

Skylanders, Disney infinity, and amiibo. The new Goobers, Raisinettes, and… some third comparible candy.


What long, tiresome games have you listeners stuck with to the very end, either out of duty or because they were just THAT damn good? Feel free to drop a comment below or hit us up at our Facebook page!




And then Alex and TMK talked about Mortal Kombat (and the upcoming X) for what seemed like a small eternity.



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