Random Assault Episode 145: “Filler Up”

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After a long holiday break from Geekenstein, Random Assault is back with so much more for you guys. On this episode, two of our more incompetent hosts (Matt and Mitch) are absent, so we sub in guests WillyFresh and David Reinhardt of Geekenstein itself to help us win the pennant or something. Hole in one. Off sides. Sports!

Disclaimer: Sports are probably not mentioned at all in this week’s podcast. Probably. This probably sounds really suspicious now. I should probably stop using the word “probably”. The word “probably” probably sounds weird now that you’ve heard it a bunch of times in a row, doesn’t it?

Halloween was just around the corner when this episode was recorded, so we talk about spoopy things. Probably.

I was trying to find a picture to describe Babymetal, but it’s probably better if I just show you the madness.

God damn you, Willy.


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