Random Assault Podcast Episode 121 – “Get Lucky”

This week on the Random Assault podcast, we’re joined by Yousuf Mapara of Switchblade Monkeys, the developers behind Secret Ponchos! We discuss the trials and tribulations of getting your indie game out there, as well as Sony’s awesome indie support with the PS4. We also discuss Batman and the upcoming “Gotham” TV show, discover a bunch of really weird coincidences, and Yousuf answers your questions about the industry! This episode is jam-packed with professional goodness!

If you haven’t heard of it already, go check out the awesome Secret Ponchos, coming soon to a PS4 near you!

We talk about Batman. Because at this point, he might as well be the only superhero.

This episode is stuffed to the brim with the weirdest revelations. Betcha never thought you’d listen to a podcast that brought up Beast Machines!

Mitch mentions he saw a custom box-art for The Simpsons Hit and Run at his local Gamestop. Here is the masterpiece, courtesy of Instagram.

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