Random Assault Podcast Episode 124 – “The LEGO Episode”

LEGO Banner resize Final


This week on Random Assault, it’s a celebration of all things LEGO as Matt, Mitch, Alex, Kate, and Jayson dissect the fantastic The LEGO Movie (WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE IN THIS EPISODE), reminisce about old LEGO mania memories, and talk WAY too much about Bionicle. Take this dive back into childhood with the Random Assault hosts!


Possibly the best movie of 2014, and the best movie for kids in the past 10 years. AGAIN, FAIR WARNING: WE SPOIL THE MOVIE IN THIS EPISODE. IT IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED YOU WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE LISTENING TO THIS.



Since there’s not a lot to recap about this episode besides “LEGO”, wanted to bring attention to Alex’s kickass work done on this week’s banner. Here are you hosts, LEGO-ized!

As always, click the above logo to head over to our Facebook page, and talk to us about LEGO! Or anything else, really. But we’re on a LEGO kick this week. So yeah. Heck, you might even get to guest-star on the show, and if Jayson can do it, ANYONE can!