Review | Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen Episodes 8-12

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Shirogane no Ishi Argeveollen seems like a show you will both love and keep watching, or you’ve already dropped due to its pacing by this point. I’m in the former camp, partially due to reviewing it for you geeks, and because I genuinely enjoy it every week. I could totally understand why one may have dropped it by now, too. The action has dried up and it has mostly become a character study full of backstory and exposition, but given that it’s planned for 24 episodes before it’s over, it’s natural some breaks and slow periods will crop up. Argevollen is past the halfway point and where it’s headed is still a bit unclear. Regardless, I’ve been enjoying the ride so far, and can’t wait to get more of it as it continues for the next few months.

The most pivotal bits of Argevollen’s Tokimune and Samonji comes with episodes 11 and 12 as the mystery of Tokimune’s sister is unveiled, and her final moments are played out. It’s damned gripping and some of the best exposition I’ve seen in an anime this year. It may be a bit heavy-handed or melodramatic for some, but I thought it was a nice touch; especially the ambiance, or lack thereof, in a few of the scenes. The closing moments of the twelfth episode are some of the most aggravating (in a good way) of a teaser and leaving you wanting more and to try and comprehend. I’ve never wanted to know what a character uttered more so than Tokimune’s sister, and only Samonji knows currently and I must know!

Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, Argevollen, anime, anime reviews, XEBEC, Tatsuo Satō, mecha,

On the other side of the war, we have some understanding of their duties and overall motivations. They’re still not the most likable bunch, but they’re more tolerable than the standard ‘we’re bad, we do bad things, and make life bad, GRRR’ mindset a lot of anime like to present. I’m sincerely hoping we get some focus on Ingelmia as the series progresses and these slower episodes are around. But not too long though, before we know it, the finale will be rearing its head and we’ll need to focus on it as soon as possible to prevent a rushed ending.

Argevollen was my least-anticipated series of the summer season, but has captured my interest and remains a show I look forward to every week. I only hope the consistency and storytelling holds up as we head into the fall season, and its competition doesn’t pull too much focus. Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen airs every Thursday on Crunchyroll, so head there to keep up or catch up. Meanwhile, stick to Geekenstein for more anime reviews.