Revolution “Ghosts” Review

Revolution title card
Spoilers for Revolution below

Revolution is a frustrating show. It likes to play with the expectations and emotions of the viewers, not through intelligent writing, but through greatly fluctuating quality and baffling character motivations. I honestly thought I was going to have to eat my words from the review of the last episode. Unlike the first half of the season, instead of giving me a great episode sandwiched between incredibly mediocre ones, it just shoots itself in the foot half way through. Any why? I can only guess bad narrative structure back in the writer’s room.

After the death of Danny last week, “Ghosts” opens with a very somber burial. Miles and Nora decide that they need to find the men that worked with Miles to assassinate Monroe on the first, failed attempt that sent him running in the first place. Meanwhile Charlie starts going out on raids with the rebels, much to the behest of her mother, and acts like an overall whiny baby towards her mother because of reasons. I may be completely over having to experience Charlie as a character at this point, but that still wasn’t what ruined this episode.

The Miles and Nora side of this story was good, until you realize that, yes, Randal is working with Monroe now, so if he is going to send a kill squad after the two of them and this Jim they are seeking, why wouldn’t they send a convoy with modern weapons and vehicles? We’ve seen time and time again that Miles and Nora are badasses, so why send an easily defeatable squad? Isn’t this supposed to be the only real threat to the republic right now? At least it resulted in an entertaining action scene.

Revolution - Season 1

At this point in the show, Charlie has murdered people that needed to be murdered. She is a soldier now and seems to be acting like it. Randal is tracking the pendants, to which I don’t remember Aaron ever getting two of them. Regardless, he is led right to the rebel camp, who somehow manage to all escape from humvees and machine guns, except for Aaron, Charlie and Rachel. After Rachel destroys the pendants, Charlie tries to sneak murder her way out of the building, including stabbing someone to death with an arrow.

Rachel ends up captured and Charlie swoops in to rescue her mother with her newly stolen machine gun and she doesn’t shoot Randal, instead just shoots at his feet to get him to back off. This is their real adversary now, who without, Monroe wouldn’t be much of a threat. Why wouldn’t Charlie just kill him? It makes sense and it’s not like she wasn’t killing other nameless soldiers seconds before. This is the worst example I have ever seen of keeping a villain alive because you don’t know how to write proper story scenarios since Heroes.

I don’t yell at my television often and I was screaming watching this episode. There is no narrative or character based reason to keep Randal alive other than the writers want him to keep being evil longer, which begs the question, then why was he even in a position where Charlie could have just shot him in the face? The narrative structure around Revolution continues to crumble as I watch the show become more and more of a cartoon. Monroe is Cobra Commander and Randal is Destro and no one meaningful ever dies because where is the fun in that. I’m going to go wash this out of my brain with Game of Thrones.

Rating Banner 2