Revolution “Kashmir” Review

Revolution title card
Spoilers for Revolution below

For a second week in a row the preview for the next episode of Revolution has been completely deceptive and misleading. I wonder if it’s been like this the whole time? I only started watching the preview recently when I determined that I didn’t think there was anything the show could do to turn itself around. As much as I hate being wrong, I wish this was an instance where I was. Revolution continues to constantly disappoint me and this week’s episode seemed to prove that there is little to no substantive value or narrative progression anywhere but the last five minutes each week.

After last week’s attempt to cross the river, the gang has decided that their best chance at getting into Philadelphia is with the rebels. Once they get there Miles is captured because these rebels haven’t forgotten that he used to lead the militia, and they violently torture him. Not too violent though and he attempts to tell them his plan. If the rebels get them into Philly, Miles will give them Monroe essentially on a silver platter.

They also meet one of the very antagonistic members of the rebellion who does not like Miles and is also our guest star of the week. I sure hope he doesn’t betray everyone and disappear forever like every other guest star who has been on the side of our heroes. At this point, we don’t have to worry about that. Instead we must watch the gang venture through the treacherous underground tunnels that are filled with landmines.

As much as I wanted to link the Lonely Island song, no one here is cool

Predictably someone is going to step on one, so our screw up of the week is Charlie. Since Nora is around they can get her out of it, but not without blowing up the exit in the process. Now everyone must just move forward and fast, since the air supply is running out. Since a lack of oxygen causes people to hallucinate, we get a dream sequence episode. I’m not sure about you though, but it the oxygen started to run out and my group was threatened with hallucinations, I would probably put out every torch besides the one in the lead so they didn’t eat a ton of oxygen, but hey, I don’t live in this dumb world.

So it turns out that the big showdown between Miles and Monroe that was teased is only a hallucination, the only interesting ‘showdown’ we get is from the guest betrayer of the week. We also have to suffer through rounds of hallucination, which are all pretty predictable. Except for Nora, because even though she was just betrayed by her sister last episode and has no idea where her family is, her biggest fear is an alligator in the tunnels. Storytelling at its finest people.

“Kashmir” is also the first episode to really nail home the fact that nothing substantial or impactful to the plot happens anywhere other than the last five minutes. The big romp through the tunnels didn’t really advance anything, but what was happening in Philly sure did. When another scientist is brought in and confirms that Rachel is making a bomb and not an amplifier, she murders the other scientist to save herself and Danny. While other shows may use these final minutes to hook you to the next episode, Revolution likes to do it to make you forget how useless the episode actually was. End it on a high point! Ignore all the nothing and mediocre dialog and running away from explosions.