Revolution “Nobody’s Fault But My Own” Review

Revolution title card
Spoilers for Revolution below

I’m really getting sick of having to eat my words. I’m beginning to think that Revolution exists only to spite me, and the more venomous I get towards it, the better quality the episode they’re going to throw at me the next week, just to spite me. Revolution has been a mess since the sloppy pilot, yet it somehow stays high enough in the ratings to justify its continuing existence. Perhaps it’s these few, good episodes that keep the show going, and it’s not that I don’t want it to continue, I just want it to be good if it’s going to.

If you can’t tell yet, I enjoyed “Nobody’s Fault But Mine.” It broke the streak of episode previews blatantly lying and under delivering on what they promised. We’ve finally made it to Philadelphia and Danny without any new characters to betray us or die unexpectedly. We have a good plan and focus on our most complicated and interesting character, Miles. It’s funny, since Miles was an afterthought and not a part of the original pitch for the show. Really shows you the strengths of Revolution.

This episode is broken down into two encounters, the first is against Miles and Neville and the second Miles and Monroe. Neville continues to be a conniving son of a bitch, not as much as his wife, but when Miles holds her hostage, he proves his dedication to her. You can also see the gears turning behind his eyes and he sends Miles after Monroe, knowing that giving up his captives, Aaron and Nora will severely piss Monroe off and perhaps Miles will actually kill him. Charlie was already taken to Monroe.

Revolution - Miles showdown with Monroe "Nobody's Fault Buy MIne"

My faithful television watching companion, Faith Von Minden of TV Book Club, pointed out something obvious that I never noticed before. Miles and Monroe are the best written and better acted characters on the show (in spite of The Cape). If Revolution was about their relationship, two everything but blood brothers on two sides of a conflict, not only would it really help their strange Civil War motif, but it would make for a better show. Their constant clashing and evolving dynamic makes the show.

There was more acting in the stand off between Miles and Monroe than Charlie has had the entire season. I didn’t think The Cape could act, but he did and him and Bella’s dad gave us the best moment of the entire series. Mark Pellegrino makes another appearance and seems to solidify his role as our third, primary antagonist and Elizabeth Mitchell brutally murdered that Militia dick from the bad episode with Nora’s sister.Things actually happened throughout the entire episode, color me very impressed.

While I’m still grappling with why the gang left the pendant amplifier intact while they escaped, beyond bad writing, leaving Monroe with military grade firepower at the end of this midseason finale certainly sets up an interesting dynamic for the rest of the season. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” justifies Revolution’s continuing existence. If we can use this as a clear step up for the rest of the season, I’m on board. If not, I hope you enjoy reading my complaints.