Revolution “The Children’s Crusade” Review

Revolution title card
Spoilers for Revolution below

With last week’s episode essentially boiling down to a bunch of events that really have no bearing on the plot, except Nora is better and Aaron has some balls, it seemed that we were firmly set in the ways of the mediocre. When “The Children’s Crusade” first began, I figured it was all par for the course. We have to chase after Danny again, this time running into a mix between the Wolverines and Lord of the Files. Somehow, against all odds, I actually enjoyed this week’s Revolution.

After a brief and useless discussion about what to do next, Charlie finally steps up and charts a course to Philadelphia, the command center of the militia and where Danny is being held. It’s another go in this direction and who knows what wacky things will happen along the way plot, yay. This week we meet a group of children fending for themselves. Their leader was captured by the militia and a group of the kids were going to head out to save him.

I was incredibly skeptical of this plot. The whole fighting children thing has been done to death, especially with the Red Dawn remake looming over us for the past three years, but in spite of more terrible dialog, it was successful. Once I got over the several “what are militia” lines, I appreciated how dark the children’s back story is. Their parents were gunned down floors above them and the older children had to clear out the bodies. Even more surprising, Charlie stepped up and actually seemed to grow from what has been happening.

Revolution "The Children's Crusade"

It turns out, the kids’ leader wasn’t just a prisoner, he was taken to a re-education facility. As Miles said, children go in, soldiers come out. Charlie volunteers to infiltrate the facility and endures torture most foul. Revolution may not pull punches when it comes to showing that the world is pretty screwed after electricity disappeared, but they showed a new level of brutality in the facility that paints the militia in the light they need to be in so they can be the devious villains the series wants.

Whether it was the torture from this episode or anything else she should have learned from, Charlie seems to have become the fighter she’s needed to be and killed without remorse during the sortie on the deck of the ship that the facility was in. For some reason, I actually like Charlie and I’ve been frustrated that she seemed to move backwards as a character after “Chained Heat.” I’m glad we’re finally seeing some real development and I hope it isn’t abandoned.

As obnoxious as Revolution has been in the past, “The Children’s Crusade” was a great step forward. It still isn’t perfect and the acting needs a step up, but this was a great episode. They finally showed what happened to Grace and promise that next week’s episode will tell the story of the blackout. I only hope this starts a trend, I want to start enjoying each week’s episode. I still think this premise has promise, just stop executing it so poorly.