Revolution “The Plague Dogs” Review

Revolution title card
Spoilers for Revolution below

I’ve come to terms with the fact that Revolution is not the show I expected it to be. I can concede the fact that, at least for now, it is just a fun show. “The Plague Dogs” was a fun episode, barring some incredibly cheesy dialog. I’m talking 80s action movie level of dialog at times. I’m also a bit confused at the over plot in general, there has still been absolutely no mention of Grace getting tasered and, presumably, dragged away two episodes ago.

Miles, Nora and Charlie meet up with Aaron and Maggie and find, from a soldier they kick the crap out of, that Danny is nearby. They promptly set off on the goal I almost forgot they had set for themselves. I understand that moving a group of soldiers and a prisoner is a very time consuming process, especially compared to a small group, but how has Captain Nevill not brought Danny to Monroe yet? If Charlie and company actually catch up, having not only both split off for their little quests, but each had huge events happen, something just seems way too coincidental.

I’m also a bit confused about Charlie. After the events of “Chained Heat,” I thought that they were prepping her to become some sort of badass, following Miles’s example. When she was taken prisoner in the building they were taking shelter in, because apparently no one thought it was a good idea to clear the building, she seemed to instantly transform into a damsel in distress. It’s not that I don’t want to see a main character frightened, or weak, but this seemed like a reversal of what little development there’s been.

The cast of Revolution running in The Plague Dogs
Because Aaron is exactly who needs to be leading

I was incredibly proud of the balls the show had to kill Maggie so quickly. Her flashbacks throughout the episode helped round her and make her so much more than a stand in for Charlie’s mother and her death had some real weight. That is, until Charlie came up, bawling her eyes out, and said the worst lines of the entire episode. Miles gave her a run for her money with his stupid action here lines, but Charlie’s performance really reached a low I didn’t expect.

It’s sad because this episode was actually pretty good. The pacing was well done and I thought Plague Dog guy was an interesting villain. Even not Nate, who usually just annoys me, had his moment. It’s just that dialog ruins everything. We did get to see some development with Elizabeth Mitchell’s character and really see what a devious ass Monroe is, since until now I didn’t get why he was the bad guy. Even Danny and Captain Nevill had their moments, though I found Maggie reading the Wizard of Oz and Nevill’s group running into the tornado to be a bit too much.

Again, I find myself disappointed by Revolution. “The Plague Dogs” had so much going for it, but the coincidences and bad dialog ruined what could have been a great episode. Even after I finally concede that Revolution is not the show I was expecting and actually go in knowing what to expect, it still disappoints. Abrams and Kripke can and have done/continue to do better, so what exactly is happening here?