Revolution “The Stand” Review

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Spoilers for Revolution below

After a long break Revolution returns with Monroe wielding the electricity and bearing down Charlie and friends. The midseason finale was good. There really isn’t a way around that and it left on so much more of a high note then the rest of the season that expectations were raised. Revolution has been such a middling, mediocre show that it needed the shot in the arm that was the finale. I only continued to watch out of morbid curiosity and the desire to see these reviews through and all the show did was sully the names of Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams even though neither of them are the showrunners.

“The Stand” starts immediately where the last episode left off, with our heroes fleeing Monroe’s pursuing helicopters. What follows is a middling episode that simply undoes everything that the characters have accomplished up until this point. The rebels are battered and severely outgunned. They have to fight against this impossible force and we are supposed to care as we watch our heroes suffer and die, but I struggle to. I don’t care that Monroe wants to dominate the world, that Jason runs away from his father, who then declared him dead. The big narrative punch of this week’s episode makes me care even less about the plot overall.

Danny dies. The choppers go in for the kill in the big climactic moment this week and while Danny takes them all out, he dies in the process. We spent the entire first half of the season on a quest to rescue Danny and the episode after they finally rescue him, he dies. I am never against killing characters. Character death gives weight to narratives and removes the safety net. Yet when you focus over ten hour long episodes on rescuing one character and then kill as the casualty of just another battle, that entire build up is wasted.

Revolution - Season 1

So Danny is dead and it turns out that his mother had implanted some mysterious blinking device inside Danny, which was creepy and further degrades him to transportation unit of this device instead of younger brother and son that we are supposed to care about. Now Randal is back and is supposed to be this serious antagonist as everything becomes a race to see who can get the most electricity to kill the other group with. The plot has been boiled down to a children’s show, with the maniacal bad guy out to conquer the world, now assisted by the evil scientist because he’s evil and must work for the bad guy.

Revolution was pitched to the audience as a show about life in this post-apocalyptic world, this time where the electricity has disappeared. Instead the entire show has been a race to see who can get the most electricity the fastest, which undermines the very concept we were supposed to be sold on. It’s a power struggle, but instead of trying to get bigger and better guns they’re trying to get power to power the guns. It’s buckling under its own premise and getting less interesting each episode. Every high point is struck down by something infinitely worse the following week and I hope that this season will be the only one.

Rating Banner 2