Sega Mega Drive Gets Official Megatron Transformer

Megatron Megadrive

Yes, you heard that right! The mighty Leader of the Decepticon army is here to kick the 16-bit era console wars up to a whole new level.

From a handgun to t-rex to alien plane…thingy, Megatron certainly has had his fair share of strange alternative forms, but the Transformers franchise in general has seen even stranger properties, including transforming popsicles and baseball caps from Takara.

Megatron Megadrive

Megatron Megadrive is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a rendition of the iconic Generation 1 (G1) design if it were to change into a Sega Mega Drive system. That’s right folks, there’s more then Energon flowing through this Cybertronian warmonger’s veins–he’s also powered by Blast Processing!

This is the result of a partnership between Takara Tomy and SEGA. Megatron Megadrive will be released under a new Takara Tomy ARTS subline. No further release information exists as of yet, but for now we have rough prototypes of the design which were on display at the Wonderfest toy show in Japan earlier this weekend.

Megatron Megadrive

Naturally, Megatron needs his nemesis and long standing rival, Optimus Prime, to compliment him. If this line takes off, it will only be fitting to release the heroic Autobot leader as another rival system.

[Written by Contributor William Woo]