Sequel to Virtue’s Last Reward is Unlikely to Happen “At This Stage”

virtues last reward

Well-received visual novel Virtue’s Last Reward is not getting a sequel due to it not selling well in Japan, according to game director Kotaro Uchikoshi.

Uchikoshi took to Twitter to explain that the sequel is not likely to happen at this point in time because a lot of money is needed to make the game, but the sales figures don’t make up for it.

Virtue's Last Reward

However, he made sure to point out that he has not given up on it yet and hopes to to pick things up once more.

It is sad to see a game not see the light of day, especially one in a series as well liked as this one. If you do want to share support, the 3DS version of the game is on sale at the UK eShop for £10.

[Written by Contributor Sam Howitt]