Slender: The Arrival Coming to Consoles, Double Dragon Neon to PC


Midnight City, publishing assistant for Majesco’s indie games, has announced that the popular horror game Slender: The Arrival is set to be ported to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

No official release date has been given yet, but Midnight City has said it will be released in early 2014 and priced at $10.

Double Dragon Neon gameplay screenshot 2

Also, Midnight City has plans to release 2012’s remake of the fighting game Double Dragon Neon, a game previously exclusive to consoles, to Steam. The game will also be priced at $10.

The new ports will come with some minor new features. Slender: The Arrival will have two new flashback levels introduced to console players prior to beating the game and Double Dragon Neon will add a cooperative mode with its move to Steam.

[Written by Contributor Parker Kramer]

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