Sonic Lost World Gets Free Legend of Zelda DLC

Sonic Lost World

Following up the “Yoshi’s Island” DLC pack, Sonic Team has released a free new zone for Sonic Lost World with a The Legend of Zelda theme. If your inner 10-year-old SEGA fanboy just died, then I urge you to look again at that image. Just try and tell me Sonic doesn’t look downright adorable in Link’s tunic and hat.

The DLC features a full, 3D version of Hyrule Field to explore and a cylindrical-shaped dungeon which operates more like a linear level. In your travels, you will actually be able to collect rupees, beat up Cuccos, collect heart containers, and even use bombs to uncover secret pathways. Sounds accurate to me!

I’m curious to see the reception to this DLC compared to the core game’s tepid reception. I, for one, could hardly stand Sonic Lost World. The music and visuals were great, but far too often the level design just fell back on placing the player on (or in) a series of bland cylinders. Not to mention, the controls felt like they were working against me — it wasn’t until the last two zones that I realized the “kick” and “homing attack” were different things.

The “dungeon” part of this pack worries me because it sounds like it has the same level design issues that the full game had, but I’m really fascinated with the choice to make Hyrule Field more open-ended. And it’s hard to complain when it’s free. Too few publishers offer that sort of luxury anymore, so I at least have to applaud SEGA for taking this risk.

The Legend of Zelda Zone is currently available on the Wii U eShop for owners of Sonic Lost World.