Star Trek Sequel Called Into Darkness?

Star Trek 2 Cast

The official title of upcoming sequel to the JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek reboot has all but been confirmed. Up until now it was assumed that it would simply be called ‘Star Trek 2,’ but Abrams and Paramount wanted to go a little darker with the name, according to

Star Trek sequel’s official title could very well be Star Trek Into Darkness. No, I didn’t forget the colon, that’s just the format they decided to go with. Trek Movie posted that the title had been officially selected for use and uncovered that the domains and had been registered by Paramount.

Besides the decision to ditch a colon, the name is the exact opposite of what Star Trek has always been about. Star Trek is about finding hope under dire circumstances. Into Darkness implies that the crew may not be coming back from the events that take place in this film.

While I can’t say I’m a fan of the name, I’m more interested in seeing how many lens flares Abrams can cram into the darkest reaches of space.