Steam Announces Family Sharing

sharingicon_englishSteam has announced their latest experiment, and it’s a long awaited feature. Soon, users of Steam will be able to share their game libraries with the accounts of up to ten friends and families. The only restriction is that each Steam library can only be used on one device at a time, meaning that you cannot access TF2 if your girlfriend is playing Peggle. In much the same vein as the Trading Cards beta, Steam has set up a group for people who wish to test the feature out first, with the lucky 1,000 who stumbled onto it first getting added into the beta next week.

RequestingAccessThis is an interesting development for several reasons. For one, the entire site is displaying imagery from their Big Picture setup, not the regular Steam interface. There hasn’t been much movement on the Steambox front lately, so perhaps this is a sign that the project isn’t dead? Also, the reaction to this (minus the Library restriction) has mostly been positive, adding to the narrative that gamers might have liked the Xbox One’s original digital only future after all, assuming that the console was called the Valve One instead. In any case, as someone with over 1,000 Steam games to his name, I’ll be looking forward to letting my friends dive into my virtual arcade when this new feature launches.