Street Fighter X Mega Man is Out Now and Free

Street Fighter X Mega Man Free

Is it the 17th of December already? Gosh, I do believe it is! Time sure flies when you have a video game as awesome as Street Fighter X Mega Man to look forward to. The game you never knew you wanted has finally been released for the more than generous price of free. That’s right, the ultimate crossover between two of Capcom’s biggest names has been released for free. This isn’t just a cheap two level gimmicky release to celebrate both Mega Man and Street Fighter’s 25th anniversaries  no, but a complete and proper Mega Man title, built from the ground up – featuring Street Fighter characters as bosses! Joy! You can download the pure embodiment of sexual ecstasy by clicking here. Keep in mind it’s a PC exclusive. I know, but you can’t bitch too much since it’s free.