Super Smash Bros Releases on 3DS in Summer, Wii U in Winter


Last night’s Nintendo Direct brought a whirlwind of new details about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title¬†for 3DS and Wii U. First and foremost, they announced that the 3DS version will be released during Summer 2014, with the Wii U version being prolonged until Winter.

This release schedule is an odd move, to say the least. With the Wii U performing so poorly in sales, you think they’d give it the edge with one of their biggest franchises. Everyone and their mom seems to own a 3DS already, so those sales were already guaranteed. Of course, shameless Nintendo fanboys like myself will buy both versions anyway.


There were also some interesting announcements as far as new and returning characters. Yoshi, Sheik, Charizard, and Zero Suit Samus were confirmed to return, though those last three will operate differently than usual–namely, they will each be individual characters, no longer just transformation options.

Greninja from Pokemon X/Y was also announced as a new fighter. I imagine this choice pissed off a lot of diehard fans, but Froakie was my starter of choice in Pokemon X, so I welcome this new addition to the roster. Still, there are a lot more characters with much more demand (Shulk or Ridley, anybody?).

Final Destination

Another interesting announcement, sure to please the Fighting Game Community, is the inclusion of an online match mode in which all stages are converted into a “Final Destination mode” and all items are turned off. Whatever your opinion may be on the diehard tournament mentality, I think this mode shows that Nintendo is at least coming around to reach out to a fanbase they had previously spurned. At the end of the day it’s entirely optional. And you can never have enough options when it comes to Super Smash Bros.!