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Captain Earth

Captain Earth Episode 8-14 Review

Bones’ Captain Earth has entered its second cour of its full run, and has devoted this set of episodes to not only showing us what the Midsummer’s Knights can do, but what the Planetary Gears have in store.

Captain Earth

Captain Earth Episode 1-7 Review

By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet…err, Captain Earth! How does Bones’ new production fair in its first seven episodes?


Noragami Episode 8-12 Review

Noragami, Bones’ latest anime adaptation has run its course, and Curtis thinks his prayers for a strong action show were a bit misinterpreted just a bit.

Noragami Episode 1-7 Review

Noragami is Bones’ other adaptation this cour, and while it’s not bringing anything new to the table, it’s still worthy of your time set aside for weekly action.