Talon #1 Review

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Talon #1 Fight
Readers of All-Star Western will recognize Calvin’s adversary.

It has been seven years since Calvin Rose last set foot in Gotham City. After being raised and groomed by the Court of Owls to become a Talon, The Court’s relentless assassin, Calvin had a change of heart and has been running ever since. After learning about The Court’s defeat at the hands of Batman, Rose returns to confirm whether these rumors were indeed true. Has Rose achieved true freedom from the Court of Owls?

If that were truly the case, this story would’ve been disappointingly cut short. Fortunately, it isn’t the case. The Court, although severely weakened and licking its wounds, is still alive. As Calvin discovers this, we are introduced to Sebastian Clark, a mysterious old man who has been keeping track of Rose and The Court, and recruits him in his mission to eradicate The Court of Owls and strike while the iron is hot.

Written by James Tynion IV in collaboration with Scott Snyder, the issue sets up a very intriguing story. Rose’s cautious and aggressive nature is interesting, and works well alongside the calm and analytical Clark, whose exact intentions and motivations aren’t exactly known. I couldn’t help but notice that their relationship felt similar to Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis in Batman beyond.

Guillem March’s art is amazing in this issue. The art seamlessly flowed from page to page, and is incredibly expressive. The fight scene between Rose and the Talon from All-Star Western practically leaps off the page, and I especially admired March’s look for Clark, who had an ominous, intimidating aura similar to an old angry owl.

Talon #1 was an amazing read, and is easily the best series to come out of Wave 3 of DC’s New 52. Readers will be drawn in by Guillem March’s stunning art and James Tynion IV’s intriguing story. Calvin Rose is a welcome addition to the DC Universe, and I can’t wait to pick up the next issue.

[Written by contributor Marco Villalpando]

Cover of Talon #1


Plot by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV

Written By James Tynion IV

Art by Guillem March

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Released October 24, 2012