Team Meat Trolls Alleged “Producer” Over Super Meat Boy Movie

A “movie producer” along the lines of the one featured in the hit reality Internet video series Backroom Casting Couch was interested in turning Team Meat’s indie hit Super Meat Boy into a movie – that is, until Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes decided to troll him for nearly an hour.

The man in question wanted some money to get the ball rolling on the movie. Obviously, Team Meat are wrong for not giving him the money, because he obviously knows what he’s doing. He even referred to Super Meat Boy as “Super Meat Head,” which you have to admit renders the game’s original title inferrer.

It’s their loss, man. However, it is our gain! Team Meat has released the audio for the callback for all of us to enjoy. There’s some comedy gold in there. The only downside to listening to it is the burning desire for a real Super Meat Boy movie that it will instill within your heart. I would most certainly buy that for a dollar.