Ten Thousand Gamers Petition for Sega PC Ports

Bcon8lvCYAAWx4-It used to be common knowledge that PC gaming came in waves. It would run strong in the years between console launches, but be forced into the background as fancier Xboxs and Playstations took the stage. Ports of console games generally followed this pattern, with early games remaining exclusive to consoles and later games receiving shoddy ports. This generation however, the rules have changed. Graphics technology has reached a peak, and the continued vitality of the PC platform seems like a given going forward. The ports coming out today are generally on par or superior to their console brethren, and more and more developers are preserving their back catalogs on services like GoG and Steam.

SEGA isn’t one of those companies, at least not yet. They are publishing on PC, but they generally stick to traditional PC titles like Total War. Even a few years ago, this would be a sound strategy, but with games like Enslaved, Metal Gear Solid: Revengence, and DmC hitting big on Steam in the last year, it’s clear that there is a market for more action oriented titles there. A number of gamers have realized this fact and organized a growing movement which calls on Sega to release Bayonetta, Vanquish, and/or Virtua Fighter 5 on computers and then go from there based on salesTheir petition is halfway to its goal of 20,000 signatures, and they have the required social media outlets covered.

Interestingly enough, SEGA recently held a successful Humble Bundle including not just Total War stuff but also Binary Domain and Hell Yeah!, and I can’t help but wonder if the sale was an initial dip into the pool that will eventually lead to 1080p Vanquish running on rigs everywhere. We can only hope!