The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review


As strange and incredible of a ride The Superior Spider-Man was, we all knew that Doc Ock couldn’t be Spider-Man forever and Peter would eventually return to his rightful place in the Marvel Universe. Now, The Amazing Spider-Man is back with an all new issue #1, just in time for the American release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters. Who didn’t see that coming? Thankfully, unlike all of the other Marvel #1 comics, this isn’t coming with a new creative team and we get to look forward to more incredible stories by Dan Slott, but just how do you pick of the pieces of some else living your life?

After the intense battles and destruction of Goblin Nation, Doctor Octopus finally realized that he did lack what made Peter so great. Instead of trying to destroy the remains of Peter in his mind once more, Ock concedes and begs Peter to save Anna Maria, the girlfriend he made while living Peter’s life, and relinquishes control. Peter mopped up what he could during the finale of Superior, but he has been thrust into an intensely tricky situation with little knowledge of his life during the recent months.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Mary Jane

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is a double-sized issue, triple if you count the Inhumans #1 that’s also in the book. If you’re hot off the movie and wanted to see what the whole ‘Spider-Man’ thing was all about, there’s definitely a worse place you could start. Thankfully, Marvel’s fantastic recap page will catch those who didn’t read Superior. What was unexpected was the pretty big tease prelude that indicated Peter wasn’t the only one bit at the experiment that gave him his powers. I would normally scoff at such a lame move, but Dan Slott hasn’t let me down yet, unless you count Alpha, so, uh… Okay, now I’m a little worried, please don’t give Spider-Man a super lame sidekick again.

Regardless of potential story teases, the actual plot of this brand new Spider-Man #1 was pretty great, if not a little short considering the size of the issue. After we see Peter attempt to get his life in order and figure out what Doc Ock did in his shoes, we’re given several short stories, which all but one are pretty fantastic. Instead of being the side stories usually present in anthology type issues, we’re given setup for the next few stories that are a direct result of Doc Ock’s actions in Peter’s body. Electro and Black Cat are not happy and Peter is about to receive their revenge without even knowing why.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Crowd

We’re also given a short story to lead into the newly launching Spider-man 2099 that I’m looking forward to. Easily the best of these short stories is Peter’s trip to Houston to see the results of Kaine’s stay in the city during the recently cancelled Scarlet Spider. It’s rare that we see one of our main characters interacting with the supporting cast of another book, especially without that character there. Seeing how Kaine had truly reformed himself and become the hero that his DNA said he should be warmed Peter’s heart and provided a small story we would have never seen without this type of special issue.

I can’t recommend starting with The Amazing Spider-Man #1, as it isn’t so much a jumping on point as the direct continuation of the events of Superior Spider-Man. I anticipate we’ll see a new renumbering once we hit 800 issues of Spider-Man, but there are certainly worse places to start. Dan Slott is continuing to prove that he knows the history and cares about producing the best Spider-Man stories possible. This will definitely be an interesting few months for the wallcrawler.

Rating Banner 4-5


 Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Humberto Ramos
Cover by: Humberto Ramos
U.S. Price: 5.99
On Sale Date:  Apr 30, 2014